I get so down about this world sometimes / I cannot understand people no not at all / but I hope to see a change in man / I hope to see us love one another / and I know we can

my kind of family photo. 
"I am happy when I eat fresh fruit, when I burst out laughing, when I discover a new song, when I finish a good book, when I wake up and feel relaxed. I’m glad to have friends, family, a home, food when I’m hungry, hot water when I shower. I love being able to live and see the seasons change, to have gifts at Christmas and at my birthday, to travel sometimes, to have a good education and a great access to culture. I’m flattered when people compliment me, when people smile at me, when people are polite to me. There are so many things that make life so simple and easy and I will always think about them more than all the bad things that will happen to me. I do not have time to be sad every day and ungrateful; I have every reason in the world to be happy."
A few reasons why I’ll always prefer living by elsablt (via laughing-treees)

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Jake and I have a pretty fucking rad room.
"If you can see a future without me and that doesn’t break your heart then we’re not doing what I thought we were doing here."
That 70’s Show - via temperare-te (via cosmicscar)

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don’t stare at the moon too long or else you’ll remember that nothing in this stupid fucking world makes sense

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why do people fuck with other people’s feelings

its not ok

its not right

this bothers me so fucking much holy shit

why get someone’s hopes up and then bam u leave

stop treating good people like they’re a piece of shit.

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Biro and ink heart
"You look like a winter night. I could sleep inside the cold of you."
Catherynne M. Valente, Deathless (via of-adrasteia)

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